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So, What’s The Group About?
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Why Join This Group?
Some of Our Core Beliefs

1. We Believe Entrepreneurs are Superheroes. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. It takes a special combination of traits: Self-confidence, courage, boldness, self-reliance (knowing there is no safety net), resourcefulness, and persistence. Heroes are people who accomplish extraordinary feats under extraordinary difficult circumstances. This is the definition of the Entrepreneur.

2. We Believe the Entrepreneur is the “Forgotten Man.” The Entrepreneur is the only person capable of fixing the economy. The Entrepreneur is the only person that can create new products, sell new products, and stimulate new spending. The Entrepreneur is the only person who can start a new business and create new jobs. The government, politicians, and their anti-small business policies have forgotten The Entrepreneur. To fix the economy, we believe it is simple: 1) The Entrepreneur must be remembered, embraced and empowered, and 2) He must be unleashed.

3. We Believe Effective Marketing is Effective Storytelling. According to studies and surveys of small business owners, as high as 78 percent admit their #1 challenge is getting new customers or clients for their product or service. In another study, according to, as high as 70% of small businesses fail in their first 18 months. We believe this is no coincidence, but rather, the two are inextricably linked. Can I ask you, what is your business’s story? Don’t tell me about your product or service—tell me your story… People are obsessed with stories. Stories fascinate. Stories resonate. Stories inspire. If your business doesn’t have a story, don’t worry, we can help you. Yes, we believe in direct-response marketing too. But good marketing is story-based. Story is the true currency of our society. Embrace that and you’re marketing will thrive!

4. We Believe In Pushing Each Other to New Higher Levels of Success. But you have to be a winner to start with. There is an old saying, “You can’t polish a turd into a diamond.” We believe that. This goes back to Belief #1: Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Membership is currently free, but we are seeking business owners, sales professionals and Entrepreneurs who are true innovators and forward-thinkers in their industry. We believe The Entrepreneur can change the world. Big or small. Starting right here in durham. You will meet new people. You will learn their stories. You will find new marketing partners and possible referral sources. Being an Entrepreneur is tough and challenging. The Entrepreneur is highly misunderstood by the public and society. Finally, you won’t be alone. The right Entrepreneur for this group, wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

About The Co-Founder
In addition to operating Frederick’s Entrepreneur’s Networking Group™ that is an exclusive group for ambitious entrepreneurs. Eric operates a successful real estate business that shows Frederick homeowners how to sell their home for as much as $30,000 more than other similar homes on the market by treating your home as a ‘business’ and by taking a Value-Driven Approach instead of the traditional Price-Driven Approach.
Eric also hosts the Frederick Advice Givers™ Podcast, where he seeks out and interviews Frederick’s brightest minds. Business owners. Entrepreneurs and community leaders. Additionally, Eric is Editor-In-Chief of a monthly full-color magazine with the same name ‘Frederick Advice Givers’ that is distributed monthly. Eric Verdi also publishes a Monthly Newsletter, “The Eric Verdi Letter” with a segment entitled ‘Stories from the Street’ where he weaves real life real estate transaction stories into a learning experience for readers.  
Eric is committed to the highest in customer satisfaction and giving each client individualized and specialized attention; make sure you check out the Testimonials. Eric has innovated the real estate industry by writing ‘Stories’ for each of his properties. For examples and more information make sure you check out his website: Additionally, Eric is a committed supporter and contributor of The Zachary Warfield Scholarship Fund, an annual scholarship to deserving High School Seniors both locally and in California, raising over $21,000 in 2014 for these amazing students.
To connect with Verdi directly regarding the ‘The Eric Verdi Letter,’ his Warren Buffett Approach to Sell Real Estate™. Email is preferred, and yes, Eric answers every email personally in 24-48 hours or as soon as he can, at: His direct phone is typically reserved for clients of his real estate business. For info regarding his real estate services visit:
Request the above report, and Learn about an Exciting New Group right here in Frederick. Membership is currently FREE.
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